Meet Penny

Logistics and Finance

Biscuits before profits. Admittedly our philosophy is a little unusual nowadays, but Penny knows that bountiful butteriness equates with happiness. She may be a bit geeky with the spreadsheets but every Border Biscuitier knows that quality ingredients, intense flavours and toothsome textures are always worth it.

Favourite:Butterscotch Crunch

Obsession:Balancing inspiration with happiness.

Meet James

Head Biscuitier

He’s the dedication in our drizzle. The Biscuitier who knows exactly how to put the swirl in a Viennese Whirl. James favours a flavoursome flourish and loves that you can see the care baked into every biscuit before you’ve even lifted the lid.

Favourite:Chocolate Viennese Whirls

Obsession:Attention to detail. Perfecting the zig-zags in every drizzle.

Meet George

Biscuit Taster

As Head of the Tasting Panel, George and his team face the tricky task of trying the day’s baking trays for quality, consistency and taste. It’s George’s favourite part of the day. So much so, he likes to continue his pursuit of perfection at other regular moments throughout the day.

Favourite:Dark Chocolate Gingers

Obsession:Selfless devotion to deliciousness.

Meet Jo

New Product Development

Jo puts the ‘creative’ in cookie and the ‘unusual’ in fusion. She’s very partial to a Lemon Drizzle, but her real appetite is for discovery. She’s usually to be found trying new ingredients, recipes and baking methods in the development kitchen. When her heavenly new creations vanish without a crumb she knows they’re worthy of a wider audience.

Favourite:Lemon Drizzle

Obsession:Finding the flavours of tomorrow.

Meet Otto

Warehouse Manager

Three generations of Otto’s family are Border Biscuitiers, working side-by-side to personally check and hand-pack each box with meticulous care and skill. Otto’s motto is “Excellence in everything” and when you open your next box of Border Biscuits we think you’ll agree that it shows.

Favourite:Milk Chocolate Gingers

Obsession:Keeping everything running as smoothly as the chocolate.

Meet Kate


Kate’s devotion to divine ingredients knows no bounds. She’s tasted ginger on three continents and knows precisely what makes every ingredient so special. One whiff of a new recipe and she’s off to find irresistible ingredients – the basis for all the best biscuits.

Favourite:Yoghurt, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Crumbles

Obsession:Seeking out exceptional new inclusions.

Meet Davy

Quality Control

With years of experience, Davy is a master in the art of crunch and crumble. If the texture isn’t tantalising, he knows exactly what needs tweaking. Only a conscientious combination of the best ingredients, good old-fashioned mixing methods and traditional slow baking can create the best biscuits.

Favourite:Divinely Chocolatey Cookies

Obsession:Texture on the tongue.

Meet The Biscuitiers