Previous Projects

Border Supports Local Parkrun

In 2018, Border Community Support teamed up with local runner, Derek Aitken, to set up Parkrun events within the town of Lanark. After 8 months of hard-work and planning, the first Parkrun event was attended by 112 runners and 21 volunteers.

To date, 76 Parkrun events have been held with over 1,378 people taking part either walking, jogging or running the 5km course. Additionally, a further 181 volunteers have ensured these events have gone ahead by helping out on the day of each race. 

Lanark Moor Parkrun has provided a fantastic community event which brings together experienced runners with those who are starting out and trying to improve their fitness! 

Border Donates Gift Tins to Rotary Club

Border Community Supports donated 3,420 biscuit tins to the Rotary Club of Lanark which were sold through a range of local organisations, allowing both the Rotary Club and the organisations to benefit from the sales. This cooperative venture has been ongoing for the last seven years and continues to grow each term.

In 2019, The Rotary and participating organisations raised a grand total of £16,700 through sales of the biscuits. Over 30 local organisations participated in selling biscuits including the Rainbows, Girl Guides, the Pantomime Club, schools, a youth football club and groups that support elderly people. 

It is anticipated that the funds raised will go towards facilitating an ongoing sustainable local project to benefit the community. 

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