Obsessed with being our best

Biscuits. One of life’s little joys and, as Border Biscuitiers, our greatest obsession for over thirty years. We believe biscuits should be nothing short of exceptional and we’re obsessed with making ours just that.

To our way of thinking, every biscuit moment should be the best it can be; something you can look forward to, savour, share with friends and even give to others in a simple act of generosity.

A meticulously crafted biscuit brings pleasure you can measure, whilst a poor substitute is surely just a waste of a good cuppa.

We begin with the best ingredients from far-flung corners of the world, combine them using good old-fashioned mixing methods and bake each one under the watchful gaze of our Border Biscuitiers.

So you know when you prise open a box, there’s craft, creativity and care in every crumb.

Lanark. The centre of our biscuit universe.

Where does our inspiration come from? How many biscuits do our lucky tasting panel try? And just how many mini-moments of biscuit happiness do the Border Biscuitiers make each year?

We invited award-winning Scottish comedian and well-known foodie, Hardeep Singh Kohli, to visit us in Lanark to give you an insight into our world.


In 1984, John Cunningham bought a tiny factory in Lanark and with almost no machinery and only four helpers, he set out to make the best biscuits he could. His theory was simple…if the biscuits were good enough, word of mouth would spread.


Word of mouth worked! Soon new recipes like Dark Chocolate Gingers were launched to shouts of “More!”.


We needed to move to a bigger and better factory to keep up with demand. This Lanarkshire factory remains our biscuit making home still today, although we're still expanding!


Our factory grew dramatically to keep up with the demands of producing over 300,000 packets of biscuits a week to biscuit lovers all over the world.


We went on the hunt for the best biscuit recipe in Britain and after a rigorous judging process and plenty of taste testing, we found our winner - Kirsty's Chocolate, Peanut and Fudge Cookies.


Once again we were overwhelmed with entries for our Big Baking Bonanza competition. Emma's Lemon Meringue Moreish proved a hit when sold on Asda shelves this year.


Dark Chocolate Gingers were officially revealed as the nation’s favourite. Can you believe we’ve produced more than 20 million of them, using a whopping 155 tonnes of chocolate, to tantalise the nation’s taste buds over the years?


Rory's Chocolate Orange Thins took the biscuit in this year's Big Baking Bonanza and flew off Asda shelves!


The Border Biscuitiers have been hard at work and unveil delightful new packaging and their most inventive creations to date –including a new Cookies range….


The Biscuitiers hit screens for the first time with a national TV campaign voiced by Derek Griffiths, demonstrating how Border Biscuitiers Bake Better Biscuits.

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Biscuits before profits.

As your taste buds might tell you, our guiding values place ‘biscuits before profits’. Yes, we could cut corners to boost our bottom line, but we’d have to make lesser biscuits. And where’s the fun in that? So you can delight in discovering no shortage of expensive ingredients, a rich variety of intense flavours and a bountiful array of tasty textures.

As a family-owned business, we know that it takes all of us to bake an exceptional biscuit. Great ingredients and recipes are nothing without good people bringing them together.

The Border Biscuits factory is an important part of Lanarkshire life and we are pleased to donate 10% of our profits to local causes.